Girona Film Festival...

Warhol! Winner of the “Jury award for social relevance” at The 27th Festival De Cinema De Girona.

Ditto would like to thank Lluis Valenti and his team at The 27th Girona Film Festival for making Ditto's producer Guillermo Masis, feel right at home.  

Who are Ditto?

With so many studios attempting to breathe life into deceased formats and franchises, we at Ditto are bringing a wealth of new and established talent to the film set.

At the helm is Adam Ethan Crow.

Adam Ethan Crow is an award winning writer and director who, after working for sometime in the film/TV industry, assembled an A-Team of specialists in their chosen fields that come together to work on projects when the 4000K-Batlight is seen in the sky.


Two movies in production this year! Go Ditto!


Damn, someone has noticed my Freddy Kruger t-shirt! It's Jack Black!

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