Our movie The Conversation it just hit the film festival circuit and has already notched up a Best Director, Best Film; and an Honourable Mention for Actor Corey Johnson. And a slate of other awards and nominations. 

Our TV division is now working with the fantastic Bruno Zarka (Masha and the Bear, Jordscott) on two new projects, and we're moving into soft prep for a new movie with Babieka Films - 2019 is going great. 

For any questions or queries please drop Kashif a line on Kashif@dittofilms.com 

Adam Ethan Crow

CEO Ditto Films Limited

The Conversation's haul to date..

The Conversation's haul to date..

THE CONVERSATION (working title) is an action movie in the vein of John Wick, but for the Instagram generation. A rollercoaster ride through Europe with a huge twist in the tale -- our movie is a truly original take on the genre.

'TITLE' With intelligent horror breaking box-office figures across the globe, (title under wraps at the moment) is the first in a possible franchise of intelligent genre films.

CORKED. A romantic comedy about an English man and his daughter, Corked is 'Sideways' meets 'Notting Hill.' 

JOKER'S WILD -- is our new TV show set in the world of Stand-up Comedy starring Actor/Comedian David Whitney. We've just shot our Proof Of Concept -- filming comences in London in late September 2018. 

For more information on any of these fantastic projects please contact Kashif on Kashif@dittofilms.com 


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