At this year's wonderful Cannes Film Festival, team DITTO can be found - as always - encamped at the world famous Carlton Hotel; doing deals, making new friends and running up a bar tab. To be part of any of the above, please drop a line to Kashif on 

Adam Ethan Crow

CEO Ditto Films Limited

Another great night at the festival.

Another great night at the festival.

THE CONVERSATION (working title) is an action movie in the vein of John Wick, but for the Instagram generation. A rollercoaster ride through Europe with a huge twist in the tale -- our movie is a truly original take on the genre.

With intelligent horror breaking box-office figures across the globe, THE RED ACRE  is the first in a possible franchise of intelligent genre films.

CORKED. A romantic comedy about an English man and his daughter, Corked is 'Sideways' meets 'Notting Hill.' 

For more information on any of these fantastic projects please contact Kashif on 


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